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Landlords of The Anchor Inn

1699-1723 William Bramwell

1724-1744 John Bramwell

1745-1767 William Bramwell Jnr

1768-1770 Robert Hrutt

1771-1774 Samuel Leech

1775-1784 Ruth Leech

1785-1792 William Palfreyman

1793-1813 William Hill

1813-1847 Francis Swindell Snr

1848-1877 Francis Swindell Jnr

1877-1894 William Swindell

1894-1899 Hannah Swindell

1899-1939 William Martin Chapman

1939-1940 Mary Chapman

1940-1953 James Henry Harrison

1953-1964 George William Bull

1964-1968 Tom Sarple

1968-1977 Bryan Stroud

1977-1994 John Alfred Lockie

1994-1997 George Anthony Heathcote

1997-1998 Andrew Forshaw

1998-2000 Leo Levett-Smith

2000-2001 Graham Peddie

2001-2008 Peter Morris

2008-2016 Paul Cropper

2016-Present Richard Samuel John Ellison

William Hill (1793-1813)

William Hill married Mary Morten at Tideswell in 1767, who had a daughter Elizabeth in 1783. In 1793, he became innkeeper of The Anchor Inn, succeeding William and Mary Palfreyman as mine-hosts. William Hill died at the age of 73 on the 14th June 1813, and his daughter went on to marry Francis Swindell - a native of Disley who worked on the farm some ten years prior in 1803.

He succeeded in father-in-law as innkeeper and lived there with their children and Mary Hill, his mother-in-law. Unfortunately, in 1824, their son William Hill Swindell died aged 15 and his ghost is one of many that is reputed to haunt the Inn alongside his grandmother Mary Hill who died January 1827, aged 70.

On the 5th November 1832, their other son, Francis, married Rebecca Lomas and also lost their son in 1839, aged only 6. They continued to live at the Inn with their family and parents and Francis Swindell Jnr succeeded his father as innkeeper in 1848 when Francis Swindell Snr retired. 

Francis Swindell Jnr (1848-1877)

1861 saw Francis Swindell Jnr living here with his wife and six children. During this period he farmed 37 acres but by 1871, this increased to 83 acres which was quite a substantial holding.

His wife Rebecca died on the 26th October 1876 aged 66, with Francis Swindell Jnr following a mere 3 months later due to a broken heart. 

William Swindell (1877-1894)

After the passing of his parents, William took over as Innkeeper and farmed 81 acres. One of his sisters Alice Chapman came to live with him again with her son William Chapman after becoming widowed. During this time, Alice became the Laundress at The Anchor Inn for a short time. By 1891, William Swindell remarried and continued to maintain the farm with his new wife, employing his niece Francis Alice Palfreyman as a servant. 

The Anchor Inn had become popular with tourists at this period, as they marvelled at the beautiful sights of the surrounding vicinity. 

Present Day

The Anchor Inn was purchased in 1967 by Frederic's Robinsons Unicorn Brewery, Stockport. Today a warm and friendly welcome will always await you with fine ale and food, in this 400 year old inn.

The Anchor Inn started its first major refurbishment in over 70 years this winter, due to old wiring behind the walls not meeting legalities. We can't wait to see what more history we uncover as we strip the building back to its basics, and look forward to sharing its findings with you!

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